Rebecca Hendricks

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I bought this book for my youngest son. He absolutely loved it. It took him back to his teen years, said it reminded him of the Beatles. He had it half done the first day he received it. And he said it’s a keeper. My oldest son bought this book too. Incidentally, my youngest son is 61 years old.


So for me, the story started out slow, for at least the first few chapters. However, I hung in there as it was character development in progress, and I am sure glad that I did. I got hooked on the various personalities that were rocking together, ..., and some intrigue that was going on with a group called "The Dice". I found myself rooting for certain outcomes to occur, and sometimes an even better outcome was supplied. I was struggling with this book because it kept me up too late on too many evenings, as I found myself wanting to keep reading so that I could see how the characters were faring. I felt involved with their lives. And now I'm left hanging with a major cliffhanger, awaiting the arrival of the next book and reconciliation with how "Hound Dogged" ended. Please don't make me wait too long for the next book in your series, Ms. Hendricks! And thanks for a great story, one that left me feeling good, perhaps even reminiscing a bit of the good ol' days!

Jack Graham

The book transports readers to a bygone era and evokes a sense of nostalgia, while simultaneously offering a timeless exploration of friendship and the pursuit of dreams.. There are a diverse group of friends, each with their own distinctive personalities and backgrounds. The characters come alive on the pages. The story weaves nostalgia, heart, and a touch of rebellion together, transporting readers back to a time when the world was on the cusp of change. It illustrates delicate balance between the carefree joy of youth and the underlying challenges that these characters face.


I absolutely enjoyed getting to know the Hound Dogs and their friends. By the end of this story I cared so deeply for all the characters that I couldn't choose a favorite. I felt drawn in as they got to know each other and saw bits of myself and my friends. With a gentle pen and depth of heart, the author creates a carousel of friendship: fun and light yet hard and serious. Before I knew it I was saying, "What! Where's the next book! " I can't wait to hang with the pack again!


This book has tons of what Hollywood seems to have lost sight of. How many movies have you seen lately where you don't really care what happens to the main characters? That's certainly not the case with "Hound Dogged". The characters each have their own unique personalities and the reader cannot help but get caught up in and relate to what's happening in their lives."Hound Dogged" took me back to a simpler time, a time when anything seemed possible. I cannot wait to see what happens in the next book of the series.

Ken H

Small town period piece follows a would be band through the foibles of conflicting personalities to figure out how to play together. Relatable characters.

Penny Peyser

Complex & quick paced. Knowledgeable portrayal of the times, music scene, & effects on the characters, without slowing the story or muddling the flow.Easy to get to know the characters & become invested in their stories. Masterful use of description grounds the scenes, while supporting the action & character’s interactions.This book is worth the read & I can’t wait for the next one in the series! Hard to put down!

Kandy Halstead

The author is a good friend and really knows how to tell a story. I loved the way it was put together and am looking forward to the next installment. It is set in a simpler time and I love the very beginning that really describe the early days of Rock& Roll.


The author floats this story out like the sweet swelling riffs on a 50's guitar! I can't wait to tag-a-long and see where the boys play next!

Holly Clayton

An enjoyable read, look forward to more from this new author!

Diane M

A solid attempt for this author' first book. Her mastery of the descriptive text is especially good. An accurate picture of growing up in the 50's, the value of friendship, and the challenges surrounding bullying.

Tim Williams

Love this and anyone who remembers the MUSIC in the 1950s will want to read and remember that time. I was only a little one back then, we didn't have a T.V., and the radio was on nonstop. This story brings back the days and also a band and the characters associated with it. Very well written with GREAT descriptions.. NO spoilers, read it for yourself..... IF YOU ARE GAME. COME ON.


Hound dogged is an amazing fast paced book that takes place in the 50’s. You will love getting to know the characters personal lives and how they all come together because of music. The descriptions were so well written I felt like I was transported back in time. The ending blew my mind and I cannot wait for the next book. Rock on!

Julie Angel

I loved the book and can’t wait to see what happens next. I loved the story of friendship and could see myself in each of the characters. I loved the music and the simpler way of life.

Daniel D Mauser

This book brought me out of my book reading drought. What a fun read and a look back in time! If you love music, bands and good ol’ fashion fun, this book is for you! A+ to the author and I can’t wait to read the next one!


Hound Dogged is a great read. The authors detail of events draw you in to the 1950s. Each character has its own unique personality. I can’t wait to read more of the series. This was a fun book to read! – June Moore


I was smitten from the 1st page. I was invested in the characters and could picture their movements and surroundings. This was a wonderful trip back in time to my parents generation. The characters came alive for me and I could hear the author's words as the chapters unfolded. Great, fun read!


Hound Dogged is a fun read about a band of friends in the 50's. This debut novel is well-written and entertaining. I am looking forward to the next in the series.


Hound Dogged takes place in the 50s, a time of a "Whole Lotta Shakin" Going On." Five young men, inspired by their love of rock and roll, decide to form their own band. It's not as easy as they think. Obstacles stack up delaying their dreams with drama, romance, and laughs as well as some soul-searching along the way. The beginning leisurely introduces the main characters. Personal and professional conflicts threaten to break up the group, leading to an ending you never saw coming. Will they succeed? Will they remain friends? A fun read and very enjoyable journey.

Thomas Szumny

An entertaining nostalgic trip to the late 1950s when Rock & Roll was just beginning to shake up the lives of teens and young adults everywhere! Meet the members of the Hound Dogs—John (a charismatic talented “bad boy”), James (a straight-laced but kind rich kid), Jerry (the Richie Cunningham of the group despite his bad home life), Stu (with more heart than talent), Danny (a youngster with natural talent and star power), and Patrick (a Judas in the making?). The cast is rounded out by a host of other characters, good and bad, each with a rich background and unique personality. Every page draws the reader deeper into these lives, as if they are real people. I found myself reading deep into the night because each chapter left me wanting more. Hurry and finish the next book because I can’t wait to find out if the Hound Dogs triumph!

Dorenda Doyle

This first novel follows the path of a group of young guys trying to start a rock band in the fifties (and the author gives us a great fifties vibe throughout). The band members vary in talent, commitment, and personality. One is kicked out for personality reasons and joins another band—a potential rival? Another has a cracked guitar that he can’t string or tune properly, and still another is a natural musician who can wow a crowd and is already headed for fame and glory. For much of the story, we’re getting to know the guys, including their girlfriends and problems in their personal lives. Unanswered questions at the end leave the door wide open for a historical series that’s sure to be intriguing.

Carol Hand

The provided line does a decent job of setting the time period (1958) and establishing the cultural backdrop (Rock & Roll in full swing). It introduces a group of friends starting a band amidst the tumultuous context of clashing societal forces and cultural unrest, with a nod to iconic artists like Elvis and Chuck Berry. This description provides a sense of historical and cultural richness that might intrigue readers interested in that era. However, the effectiveness also depends on the genre and specific themes of your book. If the story has unique twists or characters, you might consider incorporating hints of those elements to further pique curiosity. Overall, it's a solid start!

Rebecca Hendricks’ Hound Dogged is a delightful journey through the vibrant and tumultuous era of 1950s Rock & Roll, wrapped in a compelling tale of friendship, self-discovery, and the boundless power of music. This historical fiction novel transports readers back to a time when jukeboxes echoed with the likes of Elvis and Chuck Berry, and a group of young friends dared to dream big.

Set in the fictitious small town of Madison, the story introduces us to five friends who share a common passion for music. The Hound Dogs, as they call themselves, begin their musical journey by jamming in Stu’s mom’s basement, driven by their love for plucking strings and the sheer joy of making music together. However, as they dive deeper into the world of Rock & Roll, they find themselves navigating the tricky waters of ambition and stardom.

Hound Dogged stands out for its remarkable capacity to encapsulate the very essence of an era where connections were forged through genuine, unfiltered interactions, unburdened by the superficial metrics of today’s social media. The unwavering camaraderie and heartfelt support shared among the members of The Hound Dogs serve as a heartwarming testament to the profound authenticity of true friendships. As these aspiring musicians grapple with the trials of adolescence, the pursuit of their dreams, and the challenges of burgeoning fame, readers are irresistibly drawn into their journey, finding themselves fervently cheering for their triumphs.

As a fan of S. E. Hinton’s work, such as The Outsiders, I found Hound Dogged to be a captivating read that shares the same spirit of youthful resilience and camaraderie. Both novel’s ability to delve into the conflicting personalities of the main characters, making their journey captivating. Hound Dogged is a must-read for anyone who longs for a glimpse of a simpler time and a story that celebrates the enduring strength of friendship and the pursuit of dreams.

One of the book’s central themes revolves around the inevitable changes that come with growing up. The author beautifully captures the moments when the Hound Dogs’ individual dreams and desires start to pull them in different directions. This internal conflict within the band creates tension and doubt, making readers wonder whether their friendship will crumble.

Hendricks’ storytelling in Hound Dogged is both heartwarming and authentic. She captures the essence of the 1950s era with vivid descriptions and dialog that transports readers back in time. The gang each has their own quirks, jokes, and dreams that lets the reader relate to each one in a unique way. I found myself giggling at their antics, sarcasm and playfulness, remembering my own group of friends in high school.

Rebecca Hendricks’ Hound Dogged is a heartwarming and engaging novel that will resonate with readers of all ages. It reminds us that, no matter the era, the true essence of life lies in the bonds we forge and the passions that moves our souls. Hendricks has crafted a story that captures the magic of a bygone era and the timeless themes of friendship, love, and self-discovery. Hound Dogged is a must-read for anyone who cherishes enduring strength of friendship. “As a fan of S. E. Hinton’s work, such as The Outsiders, I found Hound Dogged to be a captivating read that shares the same spirit of youthful resilience and camaraderie.”“Hendricks has crafted a story that captures the magic of a bygone era and the timeless themes of friendship, love, and self-discovery.”